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Migrate to Github?

first post: AustinDimmer wrote: Hi thanks for creating this project. From the looks of things you a...

Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight?

first post: mmischitelli wrote: Hi, thank you for you terrific work on this library. Was wondering...

latest post: ryanwinter wrote: This would be nice.

Disable groups based on items number

first post: sakya wrote: Hi, is there a way I can disable grouping based on items number? ...

update nuget

first post: cmorgado wrote: Hi isn't the nuget older than the current source code? I see a new...

MultiSelectListView issue with SelectionChanged

first post: Bose321 wrote: I'm using the MultiSelectListView in an application of mine. Howeve...

Detecting when the List is in selection mode and forcing selection mode with a button

first post: StepTNT wrote: Hi there and thanks for this toolkit! I want to do a list similar...

latest post: StepTNT wrote: I totally missed that, thanks.

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